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Why Should You Move in Winter?

It is December and the official start of winter is upon us. What does winter mean for you if you're planning a move? Well, like most things in life, there are advantages and disadvantages to moving in the winter.

The obvious disadvantage is the possibility of bad weather. You will normally schedule your move weeks ahead of time and not know if move day will bring snow or ice. Rain is not too difficult to work in unless it is a strong downpour. Also, it is often difficult to reschedule your move on short notice, so bad weather can be a real problem.

The advantages will make the process a good bit easier than moving in the summer. The biggest advantage will be your costs. Your moving price will be based on the normal criteria, weight and distance, and the other factors become easier to arrange and will help lower some of the costs.

First of all, moving prices are lower in the winter. Like most services, the cost goes up in the busy season and come down in the slow season. Winter is the slow time of year for movers and their pricing reflects this.

The next big consideration is scheduling. Since the moving industry schedules are light they can be more flexible, This will mean better service but also can mean less time in a hotel, with the ability to stay in your home longer before packing up and heading down the road. It can also mean settling in your new home a little sooner than the summer transit times will allow.

Finally, and don't take this for granted, since winter is a slow period, movers have more time in their day to plan and execute your move. The better the planning, the better the move!

Please give us a call and we'll be happy to discuss these advantages and how we will make your move carefree.d paragraph text here.

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