So you just finished your move and everything went well. Your brother-in-law didn’t drop a box on his foot and have to go to Urgent Care. None of your friends or family regret knowing you and you used all your free time to handle the other issues that came up on moving day.

You’re lucky that you had a garage full of furniture pads and a few dollies available. Also, luckily nothing was broken, scratched or marred during the entire process. Most of all you saved BIG BUCKS moving yourself.

If this sounds like your last move, you did the right thing by moving yourself. BUT, if you had to take a vacation day, or lost money taking a day off, or gave up your weekend to move, you might want to reconsider moving yourself. Did the rental truck cost more than expected, do you have a nagging pain in your back, or worst yet does your best friend have that pain?

You might want to read this article on to see if you are really saving money to take the risk of MOVING YOURSELF!

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